Performance Project 2019 with Kelvin O. Hardy

Autumn 2019
10 rehearsals
Performance: 01.12.2019, 20:00 at Pfefferberg Theater
Fee: 150€

The Savage Poetry of Unspeakable Things – The Reality of Duality

The M.A.D Mix or Modern American Dance Mix is an intensive training that summarizes traditional modern dance techniques and mixes them functionally with contemporary styles. The M.A.D Mix Workshop (as part of Marameo’s Summer Program 2019) includes a condensed and intensive training that teaches the sources of movement, makes dancers work deep within their bodies so that instinctive responses come into play, a process further supported and cultivated by guided and structured improvisation. This is the first phase of a two-step process to create an original piece for the Performance Project in 2019. If possible, a first impression presentation of the work in progress will culminate the Workshop phase. The M.A.D Mix Workshop and Performance Project can be enjoyed separately or in tandem as they are related but distinct.

This year’s Performance Project will explore the polarities of human nature existing in all of us. Parts will be available for both advanced dancers and those dancers with a modicum of dance experience, especially for those who bring a large portion of effort and desire with them. It is Kelvin´s goal to fashion a versatile and creative dance environment, for participants who enjoy expressing themselves deeply in new, nuanced and meaningful ways. He has a lyrical style which draws heavily from Afro-American culture and traditions which prioritizes musicality, versatility and authenticity.

Kelvin O. Hardy is a experienced, prolific choreographer, teacher and dancer. In New York he danced in Horten, Graham, Limon and Dunham based companies, as well as show and film. His teaching credits include the Ailey School, Dartmouth College, Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble, State Ballet School Berlin, Zurich University of Arts, Palucca School, Friedrichstadtpalast and MDR TV Ballet, to name a few. He has done hundreds of choreographies for theatres, companies, ensembles, projects, shows and events.

01.09.19 15:00–18:00 (option to go longer till 20:15)
07.09.19 15:00–18:00
28.09.19 15:00–18:00

05.10.19 18:00–21:00
13.10.19 15:00–18:00
20.10.19 15:00–18:00 (option to go longer till 20:15)
26.10.19 15:00–18:00

03.11.19 15:00–18:00
09.11.19 18:00–21:00
17.11.19 15:00–18:00
23.11.19 15:00–18:00
24.11.19 15:00–18:00
30.11.19 18:00–21:00 General Run through all pieces/ All groups

01.12.19 13:00 Technical and general rehearsal at Pfefferberg Theater

20:00 Showtime!