Choreography Project 2019 with Heidi Weiss

Autumn 2019
10 rehearsals
Performance: 01.12.2019, 20:00 at Pfefferberg Theater
Fee: 150€

About the Project

When I create I like to take in the energy of my dancers and use this as inspiration for the process. Usually I enter the studio with a vague idea, a piece or two of music and a phrase. From there I enjoy to explore – both through improvisation and set tasks how to go deeper, into the movement vocabulary. I am interested in composing the material and creating solos, duos, trios and varied groups. I like spacial complexities. Sometimes I allow for the dancers to add their material through a given task, but most of the material will be given.

I am pretty spontaneous; I love to follow my impulses in the studio and see where they lead…I come prepared but open. To me the piece uncovers itself during the process.My movement vocabulary is based on the style I have been teaching the past years (weiss-mann technique), however I am open to always pushing new boundaries and playing with new qualities.
Dynamics and musicality are important for me… Theatrical moments are always a possibility but not necessarily in the mix.

Usually there is a theme or a topic on my mind when creating, or perhaps a line from a book that sticks with me and I use this as a part of the concept for the piece. My work can be more abstract and purely movement based ,but there is always a subtle image or atmosphere that is created based on my current state- or the state of the group.

The process will look like this:

Phase 1- playing/exploring/gathering material
Phase 2- constructing and shaping material
Phase 3- doubt
Phase 4-deeper level of understanding

I expect the process will be fun and challenging. I enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and a hardworking and motivated group!

24.08.19 15:00–18:00
25.08.19 15:00–18:00 (Option to go longer till 20:15)

07.09.19 18:00–21:00
08.09.19 15:00–18:00

14.09.19 15:00–18:00
15.09.19 15:00–18:00

21.09.19 18:00–21:00
22.09.19 15:00–18:00 (Option to go longer till 20:15)

02.11.19 15:00–18:00

30.11.19 15:00–18:00
30.11.19 18:00–21:00 General run through all pieces/ All groups

01.12.19 13:00 Technical and general rehearsal at Pfefferberg Theater
20:00 Showtime!