Choreographic Workshop

With Jarek Cemerek

When: 14.–18.10.2019, 14:00–17:00, the class at 12:00 with Jarek Cemerek is included in the workshop
Level: Advanced Dancers
Cost: 150€ (120€ Early Bird until 20.09.19)
Regristration: Application with a short CV via

SPECIAL OFFER AUTUMN WORKSHOPS: Book both Autumn Workshops for Dancers with Satoshi Kudo and Jarek Cemerek and receive a discount! Early Bird price for both workshops: 220€, regular price for both workshops 260€

The choreographic workshop focuses on understanding the choreographic language used by Jarek Cemerek in his works. This language is built on technical precision and subtle details that have a meaningful value and is often observed from civil movements. For this reason, the workshop blends together a concentration on the dance technique used in the choreographic sequences with an exploration into the perception of individual movement qualities, whilst still retaining the context of the ideological concept of the chosen choreographic works. Continually, dancers will be given the opportunity to confront their own improvisation attempts within the given choreographic language. The theme of the workshop examines the impact of today’s hyper-consumerism on individuals. We have never had so many people on Earth with so many goods, yet we are lonelier than ever. Regardless of the benefits that technology brings in today’s society, we still feel lonely in our lives and lost in the crowd. Like walking down a big street packed with people and still feeling alone, or sharing a classroom with 40 other students, yet not speaking with any of them, or knowing that if something happened to you in a crowded square no one would come to the rescue. The theme is deep and anonymity has many sides. Dancers in their exploration and processing will use different parts of their body to contact each other, as well as the floor, as the main tool for their expression. Pulling, lifting, throwing, falling, crashing, softness, and sharpness will all be explored throughout too.