Gaga / people

Mondays, 20:15–21:30 @ Large Studio
Open for all levels


05.08.2019 Danielle Agami
12.08.2019 Yaara Dolev
19.08.2019 Yaara Dolev
26.08.2019 Danielle Agami
02.09.2019 Danielle Agami
09.09.2019 Yael Schnell
16.09.2019 Tanja Saban
23.09.2019 Danielle Agami
30.09.2019 Yael Schnell
07.10.2019 Tanja Saban
14.10.2019 Alvin Collantes
21.10.2019 Yael Schnell
28.10.2019 Alvin Collantes

 Wednesdays, 18:15–19:30 @ Large Studio
Open for all levels

07.08.2019 Tanja Saban
14.08.2019 Yaara Dolev
21.08.2019 Tanja Saban
28.08.2019 Danielle Agami
04.09.2019 Danielle Agami
11.09.2019 Yael Schnell
18.09.2019 Yael Schnell
25.09.2019 Tanja Saban
02.10.2019 Yael Schnell
09.10.2019 Tanja Saban
16.10.2019 Yael Schnell
23.10.2019 Alvin Collantes
30.10.2019 Yael Schnell

No entry after class started, limited number of participants!

Gaga/people classes are open to people ages 16+, regardless of their background in dance or movement. No previous dance experience is needed. Gaga/people classes last for one hour and are taught by dancers who have worked closely with Ohad Naharin. Teachers guide the participants using a series of evocative instructions that build one on top of the other. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant in the class actively explores these instructions, discovering how he or she can interpret the information and perform the task at hand. Gaga/people classes offer a creative framework for participants to connect to their bodies and imaginations, increase their physical awareness, improve their flexibility and stamina, and experience the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to dance barefoot or in socks. It is advisable to bring a bottle of water and a towel for use after class.