Contemporary Dance

with Garnet Hennig

Mondays, 18:30–20:00
Beginners with some experience /
Thursdays, 18:00–19:30
Intermediate / Advanced

with Heidi Weiss

Tuesdays, 19:30–21:00

with Adonis Vais

Tuesdays, 18:00–19:30
Beginners with some experience

Contemporary dance as it is taught today, combines influences from a variety of contemporary dance techniques with the individual style of each teacher. All the contemporary classes at Marameo focus, during the warm-up, on dynamism and on establishing and maintaining a contact with the floor. Later in the class we work on choreographed sequences, the complexity of which are pitched to the level of the participants.

Class description Garnet Hennig

“On this course we learn the basic elements of contemporary dance. At the beginning of the class, we do some yoga stretches to warm-up and then begin to move in the space. We work on a choreographed sequence over several weeks, so that the body can get used to and befriend the movements involved and then…. we dance with all our heart and soul.”

Class description Heidi Weiss

Heidi Weiss teaches a structured Contemp. Modern technique class which combines strengthening elements with release based exercises.Her training begins with focus on the center through basic yoga poses and continues with moving exercises which focus on creating length and volume in the body.Directional changes,use of weight, fusion of fluidity and groundedness are all key elements, as well as rhythm and musicality.These concepts will be explored and tested as dancers move through the space in the final combination.

Class decription  Adonis Vais

The whole class is based and structured on and around the perception of human presence and intention. The class starts with a soft and gradual warm up through guided improvisation. When the body arrives to a certain awareness, structured exercises in the form of small understandable phrases, stimulate coordination, rhythmicity, interaction and the ability to produce movement in a wider range of qualities and control. Arriving to a common field with the group, we conclude putting the tools we used and discovered together, into a longer dance phrase that encourages individuality as a fundamental of coexistence in space.