Yeri Anarika

Contemporary for Dancers

02.03., 03.03.19, 13:00–14:30

Training for Dancers


Yeri Anarika is a choreographer, dancer and international teacher. She was part of the renowned company DorkyPark/Constanza Macras for several years. Since 2012, she has been giving international workshops, and is a resident choreographer at the Production Center of Contemporary Dance in Mexico City (CEPRODAC). Her performing experience includes being a member of the Spanish company Lanònima Imperial, the Landes Theater Linz, with pieces from Robert Poole, Jacopo Godani and Rui Horta. She studied at the Academia de la Danza Mexicana in Mexico City and the Centre National de la Danse Contemporaine d’Angers in France. For the past years she has been working as a freelance artist developing her own creative practices. She created solo works, some commissioned operas at the Staats Oper Berlin, Novoflot, Christoph Hagel and Ensemble Quillo. A special focus of their creative work are children’s and youth’s interdisciplinary dance theater projects.

Class description

The warm up engages alignment in the body and is followed by movement material with a dynamic flow, playing with energies between attack and release. The technique allows the joints to relax and energy to flow with maximum efficiency. Yeri uses music to influence the dynamic of the movement, and spinning to engage the core. The class is influenced by martial arts. All of this work prepares the body to travel, exploring the broadest movement in space, while making fast, clean transitions from large to detailed movement. This is an energetic class, focusing on clarity, intention and physicality. It is a combination of contemporary dance technique mix with improvisational moments, possibly working in pairs and groups. “I am interested in the dynamics of movement which generate our biography, subjectivity and the collective in which we live. What qualities, paradoxes and questions appear in the body and performance, to provoke something that really moves us all.”