Swetlana Rosenberger

Ballet for Dancers

25.02.–01.03.19, 10:00–11:30
02.03., 03.03.19, 11:00–12:30

Training for Dancers


Swetlana was born in Bischkek/Kirgisien, and recieved there her classical dance education in the State Ballet School. Afterwards, she studied at the Hochschule für Musik and Theater in Hannover, where she recieved a diploma as a certified stage performer. Already as a student, she was engaged as a dancer with the Niedersächsische Staatsoper Hannover. Afterwards she worked for Meininger Theater, Opernhaus Magdeburg, Anhaltisches Theater Dessau and at the Opernhaus Halle, where she danced as a soloist and demi soloist. Swetlana began teaching during her engagement in Meininger Theater, and was the choreographic assitant for the musical “Mambo Mambo”. Since 2012, Swetlana has been training the Opernballett der Deutschen Oper Berlin, as well as the dancers of the Fernsehballett. Swetlana was also the training master of the Friedrichstadtpalast between 2013-2015. Currently, she is a teacher of classical dance at the UDK Berlin.

Class Description

The focal point (main emphasis) of my teaching lies in a thorough (comprehensive) warm-up at the Barre without compromising muscular dexterity. Through center combinations stability, flow, stamina, stretch, jumps, coordination and stylistic nuances are trained.