Opay L. Goldberg & Matteo Magnabosco

Contemporary for Dancers

14.09. + 15.09.19, 13:00–14:30

Training for Dancers


Opay L. Goldberg
A Berlin based artist performer. Opay had the privilege to work and perform with works by: Jiří Kylián, Paul Taylor, Hans Van Manen and Lar Lubovitch. She later joined an ensemble of researchers dwelling into an essential journey of mind exploration, out of which the creation of Zooz sprouted.

Matteo Magnabosco, Cinematographer
Cinematographer with mathematical background. Matteo increases the toolbox of Zooz with a fresh perspective relating reflectivity: “I hold the camera as a mirror, the subject of my interest while shooting is observation”

Class description

Zooz – Agent of Experience
Zooz approach initiate and guide its participants to infiltrate into the soft and the playful ground of being, where unpredictable navigation emerges within a given performing scenes.
Through physical meditative scenes the participant is encouraged to escape the tendencies and habits of the familiar, while tapping into increased awareness and expansion of the body repertoire,  refreshing the sense of identity.
Zooz approach does locate itself on the magical playground between body and mind.
Live Music By:
Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson (Voices/Piano/Keyboards)
Claudio Squella ( Bass Guitar/Voices), both Berlin based artists, originally from Santiago, Chile.