Going Deeper

with Rakesh Sukesh

The workshop will be divided in 3 parts:
12:00–13:30 contemporary training for dancers
14:00–16:00 Going Deeper
Informal Showing: Friday 15:00 h
Registration: post@marameo.de

SOLO INITIATION – Pursuit of Destination

The workshop takes an intense journey into one’s inner world. We tap into the physical, psychological, emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge. We live in a world where we give priority to the intellectual part of our brain which leads us into an informed society; we take information from books, films, and performances or through the conversations with others. What we talk, perform or share is most of the time recycled information which has been gathered by our five senses. But how much do we know about ourselves, what is our true nature? How much are we aware of it? Do we feel our heartbeat? Do we know how many times we breathe or when a hair from our head is falling? Modern science and mystical science clearly states that we are all made of a universal intelligence. If there is such intelligence inside of us then how can we, as performing artists, go deep into ourselves and try to understand this intelligence and develop ways to be creative with it? Through series of physical research, exercises, games and analyses, this workshop offers methods for the participants to have an experiential process; we direct our sensory organs inwards to develop a sensitivity to understand our inner world, digging deep into our consciousness, if possible, into the subconscious mind and realm of the unknown to try to have an artistic discovery.“ Through which each and every participants develops a solo for his/herself as the consequences of their experience and find different ways to approach it, perform it and mature it. We practice to be a researcher, performer, choreographer, leader, follower, winner, fighter and looser.

Class Description:

Payatt INtransit is a contemporary movement technique primarily inspired by the ancient South Indian martial art form Kalaripayattu, combined with contemporary dance movement techniques. Kalaripayattu is one of the most ancient martial art forms on earth, it’s roots dating back almost 2000 years, and is by many referred to as the mother of all martial arts. In ancient times warriors used this form to win battles over many powerful kingdoms. It has also significantly influenced other famous martial art practices such as Kung Fu and Karate, amongst others. Many of the physical theatre practitioners from India and from the West have discovered and learnt the Kalaripayattu routines, recognizing it to be an extremely efficient and powerful practice to train the body, mind and spirit. To push the boundaries of physical abilities, the great masters tried to absorb the habitual behavior of wild animals, to understand their self defense and attacking methods, and tried to use the essence of these strategies to develop the form of Kalaripayattu.

Payatt INtransit blends the highly sophisticated martial art form Kalaripayattu with contemporary dance methods, with its own history and understanding of the body and its movements. Payatt INtransit technique trains the practitioners in a safe, organic and yet rigorous way to push the limits of one’s physical and mental abilities, to become more confident, spontaneous, creative, flexible, powerful, calm (internally and externally) and quick to respond if needed. It enriches your adaptability to unexpected situations and helps you make smarter and more efficient choices. The purpose of this method is also to break the borders between styles of movement. Instead of thinking of dance and martial art as different ideas, Payatt INtransit perceives them as one.