with Yolanda Martin

Wednesdays, 19:00–20:30
Open to all levels
by appointment!
yolandamartin2002 [at]
or 015238466249

Gyrokinesis® is a holistic movement system, that develops strength, flexibility and coordination in equal measure. Literally translated, Gyrokinesis means “twisting movement” and is suitable as a health-orientated whole body training for anyone who’s interested in taking care of themselves. GYROKINESIS greatly strengthens the spine, centre and joints and the body’s scope of movement is maximised.

The class begins with a self-massage to awaken the body. This is followed by a variety of exercises which are practiced on a stool, on a mat or standing. The movements flow into one another and the postures are not held long. Rather, they are gently brought into a harmonious relationship with the breath, so that the exercises come to feel more like a dance. This flow of movement develops stamina and concentration.