Sonia Rodriguez

Contemporary for Dancers

23.04.–27.04.18, 12:00–13:30

19. + 21. + 23.03.18, 14:00–15:30

Training for Dancers


Sonia Rodríguez began her professional career as interpreter for Provisional Danza, later on with Charleroi Danses, En-Knap and Gissela Rocha. From 1999 to 2002 she worked with Rui Horta as interpreter but also took part as assistant of choreography mending pieces for different companies like Scottish Dance Theater and Norrdans. She moved to London in 2002, nowadays she collaborates with the Cia Yann Lheureux. In 2002 she received the best interpreter prize of the Choreographic Contest of Madrid, having the opportunity to take part in the American Dance Festival. La Cía. Sonia Rodríguez has created many well received works. She has been guestteaching for the Conservatoire of Portugal, Cia Metros, Lanonima Imperial, Institut del Teatre (Barcelona), Norrdans, Scottish Dance Theater, Iwanson School, En-Knap, CMD’H, ICDW Prague and Sasha Waltz.

Class Description

Beginning with focusing work, Sonia will introduce specific exercises designed to engage the muscles and release excess tension through use of the breath. Refined articulations will be explored in the centre, followed by extended combinations to emphasise the development of kinetic awareness and the use of muscular opposition to facilitate flexibility into, out of and off the floor. The class will finish with more complex phrases combining different energetic qualities, different levels and material from Sonia’s company repertoire.