Maria Nitsche

Ballet for Dancers

Training for Dancers


Maria Nitsche was born in Dresden, and recieved her dance education at the Palucca Schule Dresden and the Königlichen Konservatorium Den Haag. Between 1996-2002 she had engagements with the Staatstheatern Saarbrücken, Nürnberg und Oldenburg, where she danced in choreographies from William Forsythe, Jo Stromgren, Lionel Hoche, Nicolo Fonte, Martin Stiefermann, Birgit Scherzer and Daniela Kurz. From 2002-2008, Maria worked as a freelance performer with companies in Zurich, Basel, Paris, Berlin, Rotterdam, Bonn and Freiburg. In March 2010, she completed her 2 year Masters in dance pedagogy at the Palucca Schule. Since September 2013, Maria has been working as a training director, choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and dancer.

Class Description

This ballet class encourages dancers to look beyond the shapes of a ballet class, to not only move from position to position. It explores and researches how to connect the known ballet vocabulary through using breath, different dynamics, phrasing, opposition, momentum, gravity, coordination, suspension, fall, recovery and other known movement principles. The integration of a correct skeletal alignment will give dancers the opportunity to work in a very honest way with their true individual anatomical facilities. This might help them to become aware of already established movement patterns and to neutralize them again. The aim of the class is to not copy a shape, but to experience the shape as a result of energy, keeping the body constantly in motion and enjoy dancing.