Marco di Nardo

Contemporary for Dancers

Training for Dancers


Marco began his road into the bboy world near the end of 2004, in Naples, Italy. After many years of hard practice, sacrifice and many challenges, he became part of Double B Rockers Crew, a legendary breakdance crew that was active in 1996, with whom he participated in many international events such as IBE, BOTY, Freestyle Session, Unbreakable Jam etc. At the same time, he started his theater career working with famous companies like Vittorio Toraldo, Laboratori Flegrei and Compagnia di Peppe Barra. Berlin was a life change, professionally speaking. Marco started to explore and experiment with different styles of dance, partially thanks to Frantics Dance Company, who helped him to develop news skills and combine his style with contemporary dance. Since then he has been collaborating and working with many companies such as Panorama Dance Theater (Switzerland), Southpaw Dance Company (UK) and THEATER STRAHL BERLIN (Germany). He is the art director of Frantics Dance Co, and works on many more projects with different choreographers. In the meantime, he teaches in many companies, festivals and dance schools around Europe and Asia.

Class description

The class is a journey through the beauty of floating movement in space, a place where urban dance meets contemporary dance. This class will explore the physicality of bboying and acrobatics fused with floor-work. It will start with an improvisational warm up that prepares the body to execute dynamic movements. Afterwards we will discover our own physical potential in strength and balance. The class will consist in a way that moves fluedly, as an endless flow of movement though high, middle and ground levels. The class is also based on acrobatics and spin move exercises, that will help the student to gain more strength, stability and velocity in the execution of acrobatic movements. The goal is to combine one’s own dancing skills with the material taught during the class, helping the student to learn and evolve in his or her own unique style.