Video clips

Camera & editing: Walter Bickmann

Classical Training for Dancers - video clip of Marion Buchmann
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Classical Training for dancers - video clip of Edwin Mota
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Contemporary Training for Dancers - video clip of Stella Zannou
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Contemporary Training for Dancers - video clip of Frey Faust
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Modern Dance Class for Children - video clip of An Boekmann
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Extracts from ShowTime 16
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17th October 2015 at Marameo
Fingerstyle (Günter Kaiser)
Memories of Kimono (Choreography, Dance, Sound: Yuko Matsuyama, Costume: Aymeric Nager)
As the wind blows (Choreography: Suleika Fichtner, Dance: Cindy Foelkel, Sophia D'Souza Klatt, Anna Priese, Amelie Kadi)
Frozen (Choreography: Yaron Shamir, Dance: Nora Vladiguerov, Yaron Shamir)
The Ship in Desert (Choreography, Dance: Maiko Date, Eiji Takeda)
Barny: My Way (Piano: Bernhard Schlosser)

Extracts from ShowTime 15
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1st November 2014 at Marameo
in memoriam… (Choreography / Dance: Aari Damas)
es ist wie es ist - reworked / Crossover Project directed by Isabel Gotzkowsky (Choreography: Tanzkompanie bo komplex - Bärbel Stenzenberger & Olaf Reinicke, Dance: Theresa von Hunoltstein & Nils Freyer)
news (Concept / Idea / Dance: Modjgan Hashemian)
Dying Star (Choreography / Dance: Ruth Olga Sherman)
Dream.F.H (Choreography / Dance: Yaron Shamir)

Interview at ShowTime 15 with Ortrun Stanzel about the Video Performance "Bewegtbild in Farbe / Colors in Motion"
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Vimeo Video / Ortrun Stanzel: "Bewegtbild in Farbe / Colors in Motion" at Rossin

Extracts from ShowTime 14
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9th November 2013 at Marameo
The derailed efforts of a wanted silence (Choreography: Norman Douglas, Dance: Steffi Douglas, Caroline Roggatz, Theresa von Hunoltstein, Stefanie Tübinger)
Mabel (Choreography: Sonia Rodriguez, Dance: Marion Sparber)
Zwangsneurose (Choreography / Dance: Steffi Douglas, Caroline Roggatz)
Barney plays Piano (With: Bernhard Schlosser)
The Island (Choreography / Dance: Oren Lazovski)
The ripe and ruin (Choreography / Dance: Marion Sparber)

Inka Atassi, Stiftung Tanz / Transition Zentrum Deutschland
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