Contemporary for Dancers

Monday through Friday

11.11.–15.11.19 Alessandro Marzotto
18.11.–22.11.19 Sonia Rodriguez
25.11.–29.11.19 Alma Edelstein
02.12.–06.12.19 Stella Zannou
09.12.–13.12.19 Milla Koistinen
16.12.–20.12.19 Paul White


Tuesday and Thursday
Saturday and Sunday

09.+10.11.19 Ayberk Esen
12.11.19 Trial Class with Yasmin Schönmann
14.11.19 Trial Class with Charlotte Brohmeyer
16.+17.11.19 Anna Katalin Nemeth
19., 21., 23.+24.11.19 Enrico Paglialunga
26.+28.11.19 Jonathan Sanchez
30.11.+01.12.19 Stella Zannou
03.+05.12.19 Erol Alexandrov
07., 08., 10.+12.12.19 Cristiana Casadio
14.+15.12.19 Marion Sparber
17.+19.12.19 Alan Fuentes


This course provides training in various styles of contemporary dance. We focus in particular on the correct execution of movement, coordination, motivation, being in the inner and outer flow of the movement and on the consolidation and refinement of technique and conditioning, so that you’ll be in a position to join a company at any time. The Contemporary Training for Professional Dancers is an open class, so you can come whenever you want and pay per session. The classes have a high tempo and are pitched to dancers with a high level of technical ability so we ask you only to participate if you’ve received a professional dance education.