Henrik Kaalund

Contemporary for Dancers

Training for Dancers


Henrik Kaalund is a freelance choreographer and dancer. He danced for and toured with Conny Janssen Danst – Rotterdam; Jan Pusch – Hamburg; Felix Landerer – Hannover; Peter de Ruiter / Eva Villanueva – Amsterdam and many others. He choreographed for companies in Dortmund, Hildesheim, Greifswald, Gießen, Valencia and for many other groups and occasions.
He has won several prizes for his choreography and dancing, in Hannover, Leipzig, Burgos and elsewhere. Prior to this, he studied at the John Cranko School, Stuttgart and David Howards School of Dance, New York, after which he worked at Cleveland Ballet Arizona, Basel Ballet and Ballet Dortmund. where he worked with Rui Horta, Amanda Miller, Mei Hong Lin, Jean Renshaw and many others. For a number of years he has practiced contact improvisation and found this very beneficial for understanding movement and touch. He teaches contact improvisation and contemporary dance, in Berlin and elsewhere.

Class Description

The class starts with a warm-up, starting gently and gradually increasing the energy. The emphasis here is on continuous movement, activating the fluids in the joints and making extensive use of “active-stretching” (stretching while moving). This is followed by some shorter exercises designed to provide strength, stamina, stability, coordination, musicality and to practice specific moves for the work to follow. In the last part of the class, a longer combination will be learned and we will work on various ways to perform it. Floor-work plays an important part in the class, where techniques, tricks and tips for a smooth relation to the floor will be rehearsed and ways devised to achieve a soft  transition from up to down + vise versa. But equally important is to take the smootheness, softness and groundedness with us in the upright work, which is also floor-work, actually. It is the goal of the class to afford an all-round condition of the body, getting it ready for whatever work may follow that day or days to come, while tuning the mind to possible approaches to space, music/musicality and other dancers.